Control, quality and stability

Due to the size of the parts and to narrow tolerances, high-precision injection requires perfect control of the moulding process. It demands that the thermal and rheological conditions of each mould be well defined and tightly controlled.

For over 15 years, Quéplast has been setting the standard for high-precision, added-value injection of technical parts that weight as little as 0.007 gram. So, you can count on our expertise with complete peace of mind.

Adapting parts to this moulding process allows costs and specifications to be optimised. From electronics to medical equipment, more and more industrial sectors are turning to micro injection, including micromechanics, information technology, automotive, biotechnology and heavy industry. Thanks to micro injection, we can mass produce increasingly complex parts at very competitive prices.

The Quéplast team’s solid training and experience allows it to meet the highest quality standards (NFT58, ISO 286-2) of the process capability index (CPK).

Depending on your requirements and the application of your parts, you also have access to our expertise in engineering resins (techniques − PEEK, PEI, PSU, PMMA, PA 6, PA 11, POM, PPSU, PEK, etc.).

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