A team committed to continuous improvement

This commitment, shared by both management and employees, can be witnessed everyday as we continuously improve our products, processes, systems and services.


  • Tests and controls adapted to your requirements
  • Laser measurement equipment (precise within 2 microns)
  • Custom inspection plan based on your needs
  • Complete metrology (layout)
  • High-precision scale (0.0001 g)
  • Product identification system for tracking production batches and material supplies at any given time (5-year traceability)
  • Improved quality assurance through the clever use of precision equipment and reference samples.
  • Well documented product specifications
  • PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)

Complementary services


In order to offer a complete range of services, Quéplast’s structure and mode of operation allows it to deliver individual parts, groups or sub-groups according to your needs, whether for plastic, mechanical or other components.


Packaging can be accomplished according to a client’s unique specifications and criteria. For example, we can handle individual packages, hardware insertions, or even specific box assemblies and other types of packaging.


Quéplast offers a number of printing services including silk-screen, hot stamping, pad printing, painting, chroming, or in-moulding.

And much more

Depending on your needs, Quéplast can provide the kanban system. We are also fully aware of applicable regulations and material certifications, such as FDA, UL94, REACH, RoHS, etc. By doing business with Quéplast you will get quality product, quality service and peace of mind.