High-performance polymers

Quéplast works with a wide range of engineering resins, selected to meet the specific requirements and specifications of each client. With our experience, we can help clients search for and choose the best possible material to suit their needs and limitations.

High-performance polymers

Technopolymers are high-performance materials with very interesting properties:

  • low friction factor
  • chemical resistance
  • dimensional stability
  • resistance to high heat
  • mechanical strength
  • resistance to wear

We can use any of the following resins for the production of your parts:

ABS + PC (Bayblend, Cycoloy) − ASA (Luran S, Centrex 800) − SAN (Lustran A , Versan) − PMMA – Optique (Altulite, Plexiglass, Lucite) − PA 6 (Durethan, Zytel, Capron, Technyl) − PA6.6 (Zytel, Technyl, Ultramid A , Durethan A , Grilon T, Minlon, Nylatron) − PA 11 (Rilsan BMN) − PA 12 (Grilamid, Rilsan) − POM (Delrin, Hostaform, Ultraform) − PPA − PC (Lexan, Makrolon) − PC + PBTP (Makroblend, Xenoy, Ultrablend) − PETP (Arnite A, Rynite) − PBTP (Lutradur, Pocan B, Valox) − PPS & PPS FV (Ryton, Fortron, Tedur, Supec, Verton) − PSU (Udel, Ultrason, Mindel M) − PSU + Polymère cristallin (Mindel B ) − PPSU (Lasulf, Radel) − PES (Victrex, Ultrason) − PEK (Vitrex, Kadel) − PAI (Torlon) − PEEK (Victrex, Ultrapech) − PEI (Ultem GEP 2300, Termocomp) − PAS (Radel) − PUR (Desmopan, Elastollan) − EPDM (Vistaflex, Keltan) − LCP (Victrex, Vectra, LCP) − IO (Surlin) − PVDF (Solef, Kynar)