The partner you can count on

To take your complex projects from the drawing board to real life, you need close partnerships built on recognized injection expertise, molding processes tailored to your project, and rigorous manufacturing that meets the most stringent quality standards. QUÉPLAST is the partner you can count on with the creativity and dedication to ensure your project succeeds.

Plastic manufacturing industry

Expertise + dedication = Support

Quéplast’s recognized injection molding expertise and in-depth knowledge of leading-edge plastic part design means we can analyze your project and step in at critical junctures to help you cut costs and manage constraints while optimizing performance and production consistency.

Our experienced team of seasoned pros have a well-earned reputation for ingenuity, maturity, advice and an unparalleled ability to anticipate client needs.

Our secret for stress-free business relationships? Personalized service, empathy, flexibility, speed, and across-the-board efficiency.

Our proactive project management approach relies on clearly documented processes professionally managed down to the last detail, for peace of mind throughout your project.

Our commitment to accountability means your timelines are always respected, every step of the way.

Flexibility + ingenuity = Optimal process

Parts are optimally adapted to the molding process from the development phase, for the best in structural and mechanical strength, cosmetics, and other features.

Development timelines are optimized through proactive dialogue and by adapting to your methods and schedules.

A big-picture view of your project integrates manufacturing, procurement, material selection, and quality parameters at the analysis phase to yield parts perfectly adapted to the molding process.

Rigor + creativity = Manufacturing excellence

Production consistency thanks to quality control best practices at every step of production


Recognized experience in overmolding using resins and materials.

State-of-the-art techniques and equipment for optimum mold release that preserves design integrity part after part after part.

Access to complex resins including the main commodity resins, engineering resins, and thermostable resins used for molding, as well as high-performance technopolymers.

A valuable network of partner suppliers (mold makers, machine shops, printers, etc.) to handle special needs for even the most complex projects.

For many industries, manufacturing in a controlled environment is directly linked to the quality of the products. That is why we offer to our clients the production, assembly and packaging in class 8 cleanroom.

Odette Bouchard

With Quéplast injection since 1997,
co-founder and CEO

A manager with over 30 years of experience in business development—more than 25 of them in the manufacturing sector, specifically plastics. Co-founded Quéplast Injection in 1997.

Bachelor’s in Business Administration 1981–1983


Manager in a non-profit


VP of Business Development
Interim General Manager

Sophie Potvin

With Quéplast Injection since early 2000


Administrative Technician, Industrial Engineering Technician


Production Assistant


Shipping and Process Manager, Production Coordinator

Guillaume Joly

With Quéplast Injection since 2005


Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering, plastics manufacturing option, DOE, Lean Six Sigma


Quality Manager, Project Manager, Plant Director